Egham Bowls Club Management Committee

Photograph of Club Chairperson

Management Chair Person
Mike Lambert

Photograph of Management Secretary Photograph of Club Treasurer Photograph of Buildings Manager
Management Secretary
Trevor Hoy
Management Treasurer
Katie Woodhall
Buildings Manager
Photograph of Outdoor Representative Photograph of Indoor Representative Photograph of Catering Manager
Outdoor Representative
Michael Newman
Indoor Representative
Joan Gardiner
Catering Manager
Margaret Cook
Photograph of Cub Trustee Photograph of Cub Trustee Photograph of Cub Trustee
Management Trustee
Graham Crisp
Management Trustee
Kathleen Brodley
Management Trustee
Andrew Beaumont
Photograph of Membership Secretary Photograph of Female Welfare Officer Photograph of Male Welfare Officer
Club Membership Secretary
Glenda Dexter
Club Welfare Officer
Barbara Manwaring
Club Welfare Officer
Martin Hayes